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Stefan, mein Mann, my boyfriend for ever!!!


Stefan, the great love of my life!!!


People, at any rate, I could not forget to include in my site Stefan, my husband and why not to say, also boyfriend?!!! Really, I don’t like the word "marido", nor "husband", in English. Maybe the best is in German language, Mann, that meanings "man", without reference to marital status. We are married, (by civil and religious), but for me the most important is the feeling, the affinity. Stefan also thinks in the same way, and in spite that we both are happy with our new condition, we don’t like very much of the connotation of the name "husband" and "wife", in English, that it is the same as "esposo" and "esposa", in Portuguese. As you perhaps already know, the communication between we two is  basically in English, and now I begin to try to speak German (*)... so difficulty !!! (laughs)
Stefan Rath was born in Plattling, a city near Donauwörth, Bavaria (we speak Bayern), 9 months after me... (guess the year!!! ... (laughs)... in a March, 14. He is fish, , in horoscope, unique son, very emotional, intelligent, he likes music, photos, trips and also LOVES to speak by telephone... Imagine the total of hours that we was talking by telephone before my arriving here to get married… He spent more money with telephone than I with the flight, health insurance etc! 
He is mathematics, physics and CAD teacher in a Catholic school (Realschule Heilig Kreuz) with around 1000 students (only boys, rarely enter some girls in this school). Everybody in this city appreciates him very much, and why not to say, also the students, in spite of the notes sometimes “not the best”???... (laughs) Realschule, here, is like (but not the same) the second degree (segundo grau) in Brazil. There are some differences (particularities) , but is not our subject at moment.
Stefan" loves" specially Italy and Greece, he already made several trips to these two countries, and also to Spain, Turkey, Morocco, etc, etc... 
And at this year (2002), finally, he crossed Atlantic Ocean for the first time and could know Brazil – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, that he also LOVED and now “he wears a green and yellow shirt”, as well as Verinha here... (this is a Brazilian expression, that meanings something like patriotism, because green and yellow are the colours of Brazilian flag). See our series of pictures about this trip in PHOTO ALBUM, you certainty will enjoy it!!! 


(*) this article was written many months or perhaps one year ago, when  "Deutsche Sprache" was MORE difficult for me than now (December, 2002). But... I don't speak fluently German, only "I attempt a little bit"...
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