Una piccola storia d’Italia – ardente desiderio a Roma!!!  


The Pantheon, a Roman temple, and now a Christian church Inside the Pantheon, it was a Roman temple, and now it is a Christian church. The roof has a hole where the rain comes into the church, and under this hole in the floor is a basin, where the water is falling down La piazza Navona a great and wonderful place of Roma!!! Other photo of "La piazza Navona"!!!
... again at the piazza Navona!!! Dacio, Verinha's brother, in his travel to Italy, Navona!!! Stefan’s colleague Albert eating pasta in a typical roman restaurant,  normally without tourists! The gelateria, where you get the best ice-cream of the world!!!
A view to campo dei Fiori (the name is not because there are sold flower but in earlier time it was a field with many flowers) The smallest elephant of the world always looking to you... The same elephant, with the greatest obelisk above! Stefan and his school-class in front of the Italian parliament, the Quirinal.


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Una piccola storia d’Italia – ardente desiderio a Roma!!! 


Sono stato a Roma per tre settimane quindici anni fa studiare la lingua Italiana. Sono abitato in a casa da un artificio e visitato a Roma questa un Italia persona!!!

It means: A little story about Rome - many saudades to Rome!!!

I lived in Rome for three weeks 15 years ago to study the Italian language. I was living in the house of an artificial painter like a person of Rome!!!  

And also I was three times one week with pupils of my school in Roma, they all was enthusiastic! And some more times private, so I know Roma like my hometown.  

The Piazza Navona, Spagna, il Vatikano, il Piazza del Popolo, la Fontana di Trevi, Quirinal, Castel Sant’ Angelo, il campo dei fiori, Trastevere, the Gianicolo, and Ostia antiqua, the old port of Roma, also Ostia the beach.  

Roma was not destroyed in the second world war and so all is like before!  

I was living in a quarter where normally no tourists exists, and the people are very kindly, to eat in a pizzeria more cheap than everywhere in the world, I bought my daily things in a drugstore, it was so beautiful! It is near the university of Rome.  

I feel in Rome more at home like here in Germany!!  

When you come as a tourist to Rome you see only the old and important buildings but not the LIFE in Rome! There are also many churches which no tourist will see, also many gardens, for instance this where the woman of Frederico Fellini is always walking, the Orange-garden at the Aventin! But really you must know the places where there are nearly no tourists!  

But the “Duomo da Papa” you really must see. It is very great but the proportions are right and so you can not perceive this great at the first moment.  

When you go mangiare, don’t go to a tourist-restaurant, go to a small Italian restaurant where you see only Italian people then you are right! And don’t order the card for menu, ask the “Mamma”, the woman of the house what is prepared, spaghetti, pasta, and so on, and you get it at once very cheap! And ask not for a special wine, better is always the wine of the house, “vino della casa, rosso o bianco”, you can be sure you always get a very good wine, and also cheap! Many tourists doesn’t know this! Because the Romans are normally drinking only this wine. – And!!!!!!!! You can be sure if you order in this way the “Mamma” is very very friendly to you, because she is thinking you are living some time a Roma!!!    

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