Does it rain? Not a drop has fallen in here...

Oh! How I miss those white and cold days! I was so small and fragile, the rain outside kept me indoors, warm and covered with sheets and blankets, where, in a semidarkness, I devoured toasts and comic books under the shelter away from the adversities of a hostile world.

From time to time, I would glance the window with the opened blind and closed glasses, from where I used to appreciated a white wall with a diamond's brightness , clear as the rain and the snow. It used to rain and snow in the wall of my dream!

It was one of those precious days, in which pretending I was ill, I would keep myself away from school, a place of uncountable sufferings, pains that my child’s heart and soul could not tolerate. There were two different and opposed worlds that could never fit together, whose borderline was delineated at my step door. How important and necessary was  to maintain these different worlds apart and well distinguished from each other without spoiling my magic and familiar universe with the horrors of outside!

I hold on strongly to my sheets, feeling the heat and comfort of my bed, the only place where I feel secure and safe, and at the same time, I feel free to fly over the rainbow of a fantastic universe, free to wish everything, to do everything and most of all, to really be whatever I want to be. Levitating among stars and planets, just gazing upon from the infinite blue how small the Earth and its habitants are. Maybe it rains in some place else, but here not a drop has fallen…

Vera de Azevedo Rodrigues



English Version elaborated by Patrícia Couto Abrantes.


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